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The Discretionary Fund is available to help with study and living costs if you are struggling financially. There are certain eligibility criteria that need to be met in order to apply.

Struggling over the summer?

The Discretionary Fund is now open for Trimester 3. If you are continuing your course into session 2023-24, and are struggling financially, you may be eligible to apply to the Discretionary Fund for help over the summer.

Discretionary & Childcare Funds will close on Monday 10th July for Tri C.

The Childcare Fund is available for Home students to help towards registered childcare costs during term time. These costs may include a nursery, childminder or after-school care.

Summer Childcare Fund

Childcare Funds are now available for nursing and paramedic students to apply for help towards registered childcare costs during compulsory summer placement.

Childcare funding is also available for all other students with compulsory summer placements. It is available only to students who have taken the maximum SAAS funding available.

Discretionary & Childcare Funds will close on Monday 10th July for Tri C

If you are struggling financially and require IT equipment to study your course online, you can apply to the Digital Inclusion IT Equipment loan scheme

Discover a range of financial help available to students, including funded scholarships, bursaries, tuition fee reductions and loyalty rewards.

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Additional support

Did you know that Money Advice Scotland is offering a webchat service to anyone wishing to get debt advice during these difficult times? There is also an online budget and benefits calculator to check whether there is any additional income available to you.

If you live in Scotland and are aged five to 21 years old, you are eligible for a card giving you free bus travel. See the Young Persons Free Bus Travel Scheme for more information.

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