Making a game of the recruitment process

Hua and Bobbl logo

University tech engineers are looking to help a recruitment company ‘gamify’ how it sources applicants in a bid to replace conventional CV submission.

Professor Hua Tianfield, Dr Sajid Nazir and D Yan Zhang are working in collaboration with to research how game requirements might be used.

Professor Tianfield said: “As more than 80% of Generation-Z play videogames on a weekly basis, Bobbll is focusing on gamifying their recruitment process product. This collaborative project will conduct critical research, leading to a white paper that will outline which type of games can extract information that will be useful to recruiters – and the process by which they can do this.”

The white paper will act as a blueprint for then developing these games in phase 2 of the project.

Professor Tianfield said: “This R&D will help us anonymise the recruitment process and boost social mobility within young candidates and so commit to our work in aligning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

The project is being funded by Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and has a duration of three months.