Cultural engagement

Creativity is key to 十博软件下载安卓版’s ambitious Strategy 2030 and its role as the University for the Common Good.

It’s a core value, alongside integrity, responsibility and confidence that is shared by staff and students and a foundation upon which we build collaborative relationships with partners who share our vision and sense of purpose.

The University’s Cultural Fellows are a catalyst for creativity on campus, supporting activities, events and performances that enrich the vibrant cultural life of 十博软件下载安卓版.

In partnership with a growing network of inspirational innovators in the arts and as home to a wealth of cultural and artistic initiatives, 十博软件下载安卓版 is a thriving hub for creative talent that enriches the life of our university community and students’ learning.

Cultural Fellows

The University’s Cultural Fellows are a catalyst for creativity at 十博软件下载安卓版, supporting activities, events, and performances that enrich the vibrant cultural life of

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Tally's Blood

Celebrating 25 years of the classic Scots play Tally’s Blood, written by 十博软件下载安卓版 Professor Ann Marie Di Mambro.

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Gathering The Voices

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David Hayman Explores Creative Process

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Blythe Duff praises talented student writers

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