Inspiring journeys

Change won't come by doing things how they've always been done.

It's going to take something uncommon to...

There are many things that can make us uncommon. Decency, respect, compassion, strength, belief - the raw ingredients that make us who we are. Uncommon doesn't have to be unachievable; it's often incremental, with room to grow. But without it - without you - change won't be possible.

So if you have an uncommon view of what really matters - an unusual desire to find your purpose and place in this world - we invite you to make 十博软件下载安卓版 your home.

Creating change for future generations

It takes uncommon people to deliver the Common Good. Those prepared to do what it takes to make the world a better place. Hear from some of our students.

Common Good

Glasgow Caledonian University (十博软件下载安卓版) is the University for the Common Good. Our ambitious Vision is that, by 2030, Glasgow Caledonian University will be recognised as a world-leading University for social innovation.

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How to apply

We believe that education is for everyone; there is more than one path to 十博软件下载安卓版, find out about how to apply and what paths you can take to university.

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Student support

Glasgow Caledonian University takes great pride in providing exceptional student support. We offer a full range of services to help make your time at 十博软件下载安卓版 a success.

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Life on campus

Here you will find information on what to expect over the current academic year, including changes to teaching, campus life, travel and current restrictions.

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